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It’s Often The Things You Don’t See Are The Ones That Kill You!
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It’s Often The Things You Don’t See Are The Ones That Kill You!

People often call personal trainers for aesthetic reasons. That is, lose weight
& toning up. But more and more people these days have been calling for
health reasons.
Here, resident New Level Nutritionist, Mark Richardson (Richo) explains one
of those often ‘unseen’ factors….Cholesterol.

What is your cardiovascular risk rating?
What are your blood sugar levels?
What are your stress levels like?
What is your blood pressure? AND
What are your cholesterol levels?

Cholesterol is a type of fat that is essential for many important functions in
our body, such as the structure of our cell membranes and the making of
hormones and some vitamins. Our body makes its own cholesterol, but we
also get it from the food we eat. There is good and bad cholesterol. We can
increase our good cholesterol and decrease our bad cholesterol by exercising
regularly and eating a healthy diet.

There are 3 cholesterol numbers that everyone should know:

Total: This includes both good and bad cholesterol.

HDL: This is the good cholesterol that helps our body transport fat away from our vessels, preventing them from becoming blocked.

LDL: This is the bad cholesterol that causes blocked arteries, leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Richo’s 3 Tips To Lower Your Cholesterol:

1. Increase fibre
2. 3 green apples per day
3. Decrease saturated fat

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