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Hi, I’m Callum, the Studio Manager of the New Level Personal Training studio here in
Yarraville. We are located just around the corner at 69a Anderson Street, Yarraville.
The studio is upstairs, above Body Bronze & next to the Yarraville Train Station.

Our studio is boutique and is not like an intimidating busy commercial gym. Our
trainers are friendly and not full of themselves. They are great motivators and are
often described as ‘tough-love’ experts because that’s what most of our clients
Our ability to motivate you is our point of difference.

Our clients are made up of about 50% guys & 50% girls. When we meet each client
for the 1st time, 95% of them say the same thing…”I know what to eat & what not to,
I know what exercise I ‘should’ be doing….but I just don’t do it!”

That’s where we come in.

The New Level Personal Trainers are motivation experts. We get you to ‘Just Do It!’.
Our clients are busy, time-poor people who simply want to outsource their health &
fitness goal (what ever it may be) to a qualified professional to take care of….just like
getting a bookkeeper to take care of your books.

It’s all about motivation & being accountable to someone.

When you call us on 1300 NEW LEVEL, I’ll invite you into the studio to do a
Free Goal Setting Consultation with me. Common client goals include:

  • Lose some weight

  • Tone-up…everywhere!

  • More energy in my day

  • Stress management

  • Train for an event

  • Fit into old clothes

  • Fit into new clothes

  • Look good with no clothes! ?

Once again, above all else, the #1 reason people come & talk to us is…”MOTIVATION.”

When you become a New Level client you’ll receive your own:

  • Goal Setting Consultation

  • Comprehensive Health Profile & Report

  • Nutrition Analysis & Plan

  • Kick-Start Welcome Kit

  • Choice of 2, 3 or 4 Tailored Sessions Each Week

  • Exclusive Studio Membership (Unlimited)

  • Customised Self-Motivation Sessions

  • Ongoing Trainer E-mail & SMS Support

  • Motivation, Nutrition & Fitness Newsletter

  • Results Week Benchmarking Every 8 Weeks

  • Choice of Personal Training, Buddy Training or Group Training Sessions

Call me on 1300 NEW LEVEL to schedule your no-obligation Goal Setting Consultation
and head to New Level Personal Training Yarraville now.

Or download your 3 FREE Sessions by Clicking Here! 

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“Since training with New Level I have not only lost 6 kilos and increased my health a
nd fitness, I can now keep up with my children. Not long ago I realized I needed to
take action when my little boy called me ‘slow’ cos I couldn’t keep up when walking.
Now thanks to New Level I am setting the pace and loving it. I have met lots of new
friends and love catching up with them for breakfast after our grueling (but fun)
bootcamp on Saturday mornings.”